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America has proven that being a part of the Black and Latino community, or any other marginalized group, comes with a unique set of up and downs. Being a black or latino filmmaker in America is no different. A clear issue within the film industry is diversity, and filmmakers, actors, and behind the scenes workers fight everyday for inclusion. With women and people of color being underemployed as film directors, we are left to consider the reason for this.

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With summer around the corner, everyone is growing more excited for unforgettable summer adventures. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the planning of summer trips. Everyone daydreams about vacationing and going ...

Jon Laster

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With many things currently in the works, Jon Laster finds himself being a busy man.  For 15 years, Laster has navigated the difficult NY comedy scene, and in the last few years his work has started to pay off.

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