Jovetta A.

I know importance of taking a class and how necessary it is when working on a new or existing project. And if you are like me and always beating yourself up for not doing constructive, creative or productive writing, taking this course is a great step in the right...

Jonathan F3

“It has been over five years since i attended my first workshop and it continues to pay dividends. Now I am running my own production company and have acquired distribution with Amazon Prime to showcase my TV shows and short films which you can find on Amazon now. ”...

Jonathan F2

“After attending the BLFC where I received technical and  practical skills. I was able to work as a grip and best boy on TV shows on the Bravo, TV One and Centric channels . I eventually became a Stage manager running a 1,000,000 facility.” Jonathan...

Jonathan F.

“Going to the BLFC workshops are a must if you plan on growing your talent and skills within the television and film industries.” Jonathan F.

Kenishia G3

“I would recommend this workshop to any of my colleagues who are interested in writing and producing. Because everyone needs to understand the fundamentals and structure of producing projects. ” Kenishia G.