Black and Latino Film Awards


 The Black and Latino Film Awards took place last month on April 14th. The event acknowledged and honored the most impressive and impactful indie films and performances of the year, and celebrated the best of Black and Latino writers, directors, producers and performers. This monumental occasion is the first time the Black and Latino community has had explicit recognition for their work in independent film.  Revel in the presentation of this year’s most outstanding works from this elite group of incredible people and films nominated by the BLFC membership.

The awards were hosted by two dynamic personalities-indie film star Kenishia Green and comedy legend Jon Laster-featuring 36 nominees in 11 categories.The show also features performances by Nate Turner and Edson ...

Nominees for Best Performance include Rob Morgan for “Mudbound,” Loretta Devine for “Chapter and Verse” and Chadwick Boseman for “Marshall.” Nominated for Best Feature Film Director are Danilo Arroyo for “Wherever You Go,” Jamal Joseph for “Chapter and Verse,” and Reginald Hudlin for “Marshall.” Other categories include awards for Episodic Series and Short Films.

This year, the Lifetime Achievement Award honored the incredible impact of the work of Mustafa Majeed. During the 1980's and 90's, Mustafa Majeed fought endlessly to force the motion picture and construction industries in New York City to hire Black and Latino workers. He shut down construction sites and film shoots, including Trump Towers, Batman, The Godfather, and the Ghostbusters’ movie set. Mustafa forced major motion picture companies to change their racist and discriminatory hiring practices. He will be honored for his tireless and successful efforts toward promoting diversity in the motion picture industry.

The event will premiere as a 2-hour special on Amazon Prime. It will stream live internationally, in the US, UK, Japan, and Germany. Anyone interested in watching the event can watch it for free with ads or can watch it without ads with their Amazon Prime subscription. Come support BLFC and the wonderful nominees!