New Screenplay Writer Workshop

This introductory workshop is a new writer's best self defense guide. Included in this two and half hour intensive are: methods for dealing with writer's block, rules of selling and/or producing your screenplay and a clear and effective plan to help complete your screenplay and format it properly. This workshop is specifically designed for those who are finding trouble getting started or completing their script. This workshop focuses on concept to first draft.


Indie Film Producer Survival Guide


This must take three hour intensive, is essential for every new producer/director in the process of creating indie features, shorts and web series. The set of step by step instructions learned here will guide you away for many of the pitfalls common in most indie productions. This workshop will jump start your production's transformation into a well oiled machine and set you on a path of success in festivals and distribution:

Stay Informed!

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Our Instructor

Babatunde Odesanya has been in the film and television industry for over 20 years. He have lead creative teams for productions that have aired on Bravo,  Centric and TV One. His production and distribution company African Studios produces content for Amazon, Tidal, and Fubu TV. He currently has a feature film being distributed by Liongate. Mr. Odesanya is also the founder & CEO of the Black and Latino Filmmaker's Coalition.


“Going to the BLFC workshops are a must if you plan on growing your talent and skills within the television and film industries.”

Jonathan F.