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May Mastermind & Fireside Chat With Kai Bond

May Mastermind & Fireside Chat With Kai Bond (Entrepreneurship)

May 12, 2018 – 12:30pm

639 Classon Ave

Brooklyn, NY

 We are a monthly meetup designed to support Black and Latinx Entrepreneurs with starting and growing their businesses. This is a PRIVATE event for active Entrepreneurs, those wanting to become Entrepreneurs, and Investors or advisors looking to support the community.

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The Gods of the Paradox Film Festival

The Gods of the Paradox Film Festival

May 12, 2018 – 2:30pm

32 Second Avenue 

New York, NY 10003


The Gods of the Paradox Film Festival will be screening all film

genres that include: SciFi, Action and Comedy.


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Member Screening: The Nth Ward and Crying F.U. Lady Rap

The Nth Ward and Crying F.U. Lady Rap
May 22, 2018 – 7:00pm
Anthology Film Archives
32 Second Avenue (at 2nd Street)

 Join us for this month’s NYWIFT Member Screening Series featuring The Nth Ward with Juliette Bennett (Actor) and Crying F.U. Lady Rap by Pat Ceasar (Director/Writer/Cinematographer/Animator/Editor). The filmmakers will be available for a Q&A immediately following the screening. 


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Writing the Half-Hour Treatment

Writing the Half-Hour Treatment

May 16, 2018 – 6:30pm

NYWIFT Conference Room

6 East 39th Street, Suite 1200


Whether you are writing a half-hour drama, comedy or a dramedy, a good treatment helps you identify and prevent important structural and character mistakes. The treatment helps as a diagnostic tool once you’ve completed your draft to foolproof your story. It is also a useful selling tool in a marketplace where, in a practical sense, no one reads it until you have an insider’s attention.

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Member Benefits

With summer around the corner, everyone is growing more excited for unforgettable summer adventures. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the planning of summer trips. Everyone daydreams about vacationing and going …during those warm months, but no one remembers the headache of saving up money. Fortunately being a BLFC member can relieve some of the money issues.

The Black and Latino Filmmakers Coalition offers plenty of discounts that can bring anyone’s vacation goals to life. Spend the day flying through the air at Six Flags Great Adventure. Rides like El Toro and Nitro will definitely give you that exhilarating adrenaline rush that makes waiting in those long lines worth it. You can save up to 40% using you BLFC membership. Want to do something that satisfies your artistic needs? Take a trip to Broadway and enjoy New York’s world renowned theatre scene. Save $45 on Chicago, a musical that will leave you breathless. In the mood to laugh? Watch The Play That Goes Wrong, a comedy where things go from bad to terribly wrong. This play will leave you laughing even after the curtain closes. You can enjoy this experience for as low as $30, with discounts over 35%.

Ready to reap the benefits of being a BLFC member? Email and take full advantage of your membership benefits.

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Jon Laster

With many things currently in the works, Jon Laster finds himself being a busy man.  For 15 years, Laster has navigated the difficult NY comedy scene, and in the last few years his work has started to pay off.


Laster didn’t always want to be a comedian. As a college student, he hosted a talk show, and had hopes to continue down this career path. That was until he realized that everyone whom he found funny was a comedian. The comedy legends that inspired him included the likes of Eddie Murphy, Richard Pryor, and Martin Lawrence.

“Comedy Jam was a big deal for me. It was the first time I realized that anyone could be a comedian, before that I thought there were only like 4 professional comedians,” said Laster.

After devoting himself to the idea of stand-up comedy he had another decision to face: LA or NY. Since his sister had a couch for him to sleep on, NY was his choice. From then on, Laster started to perform at comedy clubs and bar shows in NYC, and according to him, he started to bomb.

Since then, Laster has accomplished many things, and is currently working on a number of different projects.

When asked how he describes his comedy he quickly answered “funny, hopefully,” before expanding. Laster says that recently his comedy has become more autobiographical, and focuses much more on his life and his take on things that are happening around him.

His greatest accomplishment, according to Laster, was winning the Stand Up NBC annual competition in 2012.

“Winning a national competition like that where you are judged by people who really know comedy was really special…It kind of makes you feel like the comedians’ comedian,” said Laster

 Laster was recently signed by the well-known and prestigious talent management agency 3 Arts. Laster described it as “the Mount Everest of comedy management” as they also have signed comedy stars such as Kevin Hart and Dave Chappelle.

Currently, he is starring in a web series called Ride Share, which follows an Uber driver who encounters an eclectic group of people in his daily life. Each episode revolves around different people, often in a vulnerable and emotional state.

He is also working on releasing a documentary about his life and journey titled Jon Laster on Fire. His film “No More Mr. Nice Guy” will be released on April 9th, and his other film “One Bedroom” has been making its way around the film festival circuit.

Jon Laster has been a big supporter of BLFC since the very beginning and we’re excited to follow his success.