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Stolen Breath

A father, Robert Davis (Mark Ridley) living in the suburbs of Los Angles with his beautiful wife
of 18 years and two sons. Come to grips with the pain of losing one of his beloved sons, Ronnie Davis. (
Jerrel O’ Neal ). Unaware that his death may have been caused by his wife, Yolanda Davis. ( Rhonda
Morman). He goes on not hearing nor seeing signs that something was amidst . Until the morning he
finds out why he has a dead son. The knowledge that it involves other members in the family with
threats, and black mail, is too much to bear. Now he must choose if he has enough love to forgive, or
enough bullets to kill. And he owns a gun. and don’t feel like praying.

Mark RidleyDirector-Feature
Mark RidleyWriter-Feature
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Lifetime Achievement

BLFC salutes Mr.Hudlin’s decades of foundation building work with the Black Filmmaker Foundation, DV
Republic, IFP, Tribeca All Access and Museum of Moving Image. Additionally, we wish to recognize
Mr.Hudlin’s groundbreaking work in producing House Party, Boomerang, Bebe Kids and Cosmic Slop. This
is just a small sample of Mr.Hudlin’s consistent efforts that are in alignment with the mission of the Black
and Latino Filmmaker’s Coalition mission. It is a legacy that our trade association hopes to emulate.

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Zahra and the Oil Man

The story shows an intimate relationship between a father and daughter from Newark who are experiencing an economic disadvantage. It is a hardship that puts this father and daughter’s relationship to the test. Zahra and her dad, Hafeez, have an opportunity to help each other grow. Hafeez learns that he needs his daughter’s help just as much as his daughter needs him.

This particular story serves the community by giving hope at the most difficult economic times. This film also is an opportunity to reflect a different narrative about Newark families, specifically, a father and daughter’s relationship. Most stories about Newark residents don’t reflect a positive image. Zahra and the Oil Man gives an opportunity to reflect the residents of Newark’s humanity.

Yucef MayesDirector-Short
Yucef MayesWriter-Short
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The Trade

The Trade follows the lives of an award winning Photojournalist, a young prostitute, a women’s crisis counselor, two vice cops and a flamboyant pimp as their respective lives intersect and their destinies intertwine. Similar to HBO’s True Detective, FX’s Original series American Horror Story and Fargo which all use an anthology format, each season locations and selected cast members change In addition storylines and plot points, keeping the series and premise fresh and unpredictable.

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Timeless Guilt

Timeless Guilt (the web series) is based on the short film (same title) written and directed by Benny Flames. The original film was based on a father walking home with his daughter who witness a kidnapping but did not want to put his own child in danger (as he was threaten by the kidnappers). His choice weather to help or keep the crime to himself would have a major effect on his future. The response and feedback was astounding and fans of the short film have been requesting for a sequel.

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The Sentence

Cindy Shank, mother of three, is serving a 15-year sentence in federal prison for her tangential involvement with a Michigan drug ring years earlier. This intimate portrait of mandatory minimum drug sentencing’s devastating consequences, captured by Cindy’s brother, follows her and her family over the course of ten years.

RudyValdezDirector-Non Fiction
Jackie Kelman BisbeeProducer-Non Fiction
SamBisbeeProducer-Non Fiction