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Advocacy Within The Film Community

America has proven that being a part of the Black and Latino community, or any other marginalized group, comes with a unique set of ups and downs. Being a Black or Latino filmmaker in America is no different. A clear issue within the film industry is diversity, and filmmakers, actors, and behind the scenes workers fight every day for inclusion. With women and people of color being underemployed as film directors, we are left to consider reasons for this.

Unfortunately, there are many reasons why there’s a lack of inclusion within the film industry, which makes it impossible to point the finger at one person. Although there isn’t a quick fix for this issue, people have been battling this diversity issue by approaching it from different angles. People have been fighting to provide childcare for mothers within the film industry which would allow more women to be employed in a business that is dominated by men. In New York, the community has been pushing for the TV Diversity Tax Credit Bill to be passed, which would give $5 million to companies that hire women or minority writers or directors. Although State Senator Marisol Alcantara and Assemblyman Marcos Crespo advocated for more diversity in the film industry, Governor Andrew Cuomo vetoed this historic opportunity. All is not lost and the fight must continue. The Black and Latino Filmmakers Coalition takes pride in advocating for these issues.

There is so much that needs to be done and now is the time to push for change. If you are interested in advocating for an important cause with the Black and Latino Filmmakers Coalition email Join our Advocacy Committee or volunteer and become a part of something bigger.

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