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#AMERICART 2019 – BLFC Member EFDLT STUDIO Travels America for new art documentary

Her new project “#AMERICART 2019” will take her across the United States, from NYC to a coastal city in California. She will organize a touring exhibition in August 2019 of her recent work and will engage a dialogue with all people she will meet on the road, designed to open new discussion channels with individuals who might not be familiar with contemporary art forms, and give them the chance to freely express themselves about their relation with art.

“My goal is to reach everyday Americans, meet people and discover their intimate relation with art using my years of experience of conducting interviews as a former social worker. I am hoping for open heart discussions to collect authentic stories and personal relationships with art and culture,” said EFDLT Studio, the film Director.

#Americart2019 is a one hour documentary and six episode series about art and culture in America, featuring intimate interviews of everyday Americans about their personal connection with art and cultural heritage and their connection to their own city and community.

Directed by the NYC artist and photographer, EFDLT Studio, #Americart2019 will be shot on location from NYC to Sonoma County, from mid August to mid September 2019, with a camera crew in a van crossing the country and inviting everyone on the road to be part of the project.

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