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Benefit From BLFC

With summer around the corner, everyone is growing more excited for their unforgettable summer adventures. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the planning of summer trips. Everyone daydreams about vacationing and going out during those warm months, but no one remembers the headache of saving up money. Fortunately being a BLFC member can relieve the money issues. The Black and Latino Filmmakers Coalition offers plenty of discounts that can bring anyone’s vacation goals to life. Spend the day flying through the air at Six Flags Great Adventure. Rides like El Toro and Nitro will definitely give you that exhilarating adrenaline rush that makes waiting in those long lines worth it. You can save up to 40% using you BLFC membership. Want to do something that satisfies your artistic needs? Take a trip to Broadway and enjoy New York’s world-renowned theatre scene. Save $45 on Chicago, a musical that will leave you breathless. In the mood to laugh? Watch The Play That Goes Wrong, a comedy where things go from bad to terribly wrong. This play will leave you laughing even after the curtain closes. You can enjoy this experience for as low as $30, with discounts over 35%. Ready to reap the benefits of being a BLFC member? Email and take full advantage of your membership benefits.