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Stolen Breath

A father, Robert Davis (Mark Ridley) living in the suburbs of Los Angles with his beautiful wife
of 18 years and two sons. Come to grips with the pain of losing one of his beloved sons, Ronnie Davis. (
Jerrel O’ Neal ). Unaware that his death may have been caused by his wife, Yolanda Davis. ( Rhonda
Morman). He goes on not hearing nor seeing signs that something was amidst . Until the morning he
finds out why he has a dead son. The knowledge that it involves other members in the family with
threats, and black mail, is too much to bear. Now he must choose if he has enough love to forgive, or
enough bullets to kill. And he owns a gun. and don’t feel like praying.

Mark RidleyDirector-Feature
Mark RidleyWriter-Feature
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Rich Kids

Matías is a bright teenager whose family struggles with harsh financial troubles. When he discovers “Los Ricos”, a wealthy family, are out of town, Matías breaks into their mansion where he and his friends spend an afternoon basking in the good life. The party is soon disrupted when a trouble-making relative shows up uninvited. Loyalties are then pushed to the breaking point as Matías’s desire for power in the house rises.

David Saldaña Writer-Feature
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Brown Paper Bag

Brown Paper Bag is a film noir set in 1940s Hollywood, Archie Glass is a black actor who comes to town with dreams of being in the movies, but soon he is black listed and his only chance of getting his Hollywood dream back is to find a missing starlet who may or may not has been kidnapped, to do so he must search for her in the black Hollywood that few know and fewer understand.

Detdrich McClureDirector-Feature