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Zahra and the Oil Man

The story shows an intimate relationship between a father and daughter from Newark who are experiencing an economic disadvantage. It is a hardship that puts this father and daughter’s relationship to the test. Zahra and her dad, Hafeez, have an opportunity to help each other grow. Hafeez learns that he needs his daughter’s help just as much as his daughter needs him.

This particular story serves the community by giving hope at the most difficult economic times. This film also is an opportunity to reflect a different narrative about Newark families, specifically, a father and daughter’s relationship. Most stories about Newark residents don’t reflect a positive image. Zahra and the Oil Man gives an opportunity to reflect the residents of Newark’s humanity.

Yucef MayesDirector-Short
Yucef MayesWriter-Short
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The Trade

The Trade follows the lives of an award winning Photojournalist, a young prostitute, a women’s crisis counselor, two vice cops and a flamboyant pimp as their respective lives intersect and their destinies intertwine. Similar to HBO’s True Detective, FX’s Original series American Horror Story and Fargo which all use an anthology format, each season locations and selected cast members change In addition storylines and plot points, keeping the series and premise fresh and unpredictable.

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Paris in Blues in Harlem

When a young woman (Paris) attempts to assist her grandfather’s monetarily stressed out Harlem Jazz nightclub. She has a few hours to convince her rigid elder to accept the real estate agent’s briefcase with mounds of cash in exchange for his nightclub. But it’s not until she challenges his past and traditional habits that he struggles to let go and with only a few seconds left they must either commit to legacy or money.

Nadhege PtahWriter-Short
Nadhege PtahPerformance-Short
CharlesWeldon Performance-Short
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Blue Flame

Do women make better cops? Captain Esposito commander at Newark’s toughest precinct is tasked to test the theory. When an undercover female officer gets in over her head, a special all female undercover unit is created to get her out alive. He assembles a group of female officers that have a special skill set, a no-nonsense approach and some disciplinary problems. Working together as a cohesive unit proves to be a tough task. They will even bend the law to get some semblance of order in their chaotic world and justice in a flawed system. The responsibilities of life on the force take a toll on the officers, as they struggle to balance their personal lives with the strain of the job.

Shukura Performance-Short