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Plaza 7 Talent Agency


Are you ready for pilot season?

Pilot season is always around the corner, according to Francois-Grimaldi, founder of Plaza 7 Talent Agency. Plaza 7 Talent Agency is a full service talent agency with branches in New York City and King of Prussia, PA representing actors, writers, directors and producers.

Casting for pilots and new seasons of programs tend to happen in mid- winter and mid-summer, but with digital programs casting is done year-round. Right after July 4 is when upward 40 different shows start calling agencies like Plaza 7 looking for actors to fill a wide spectrum of spots.

One of Plaza 7’s many roles during any pilot season is a balancing act between the wants of the casting directors and the aspirations of the actors. Although most actors know what is required of them, Plaza 7 prides itself on delivering the necessary push they need in the most profitable direction.

Plaza 7 clients can be found in numerous notable films and TV projects such as Law & Order, Captain Phillips, Unforgettable, Revolution, Persons of Interest, Elementary, Gotham, Blacklist, Daredevil, HBO’s Lewis & Clark, the upcoming miniseries “Barry” and many more. The agency reps  actors including , Maria Maples, Ashanti, Christopher Wallace (Biggie Small’s son), Stephen Hill, Jennifer Williams and Sean Nelson. Director clients include Jamal Joseph and Michael Pickney. Plaza 7 is also the agency of record for the FUBU TV Network.