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5250 Lankershim Ave., #730
North Hollywood, CA 91601
(818) 505-5110

Executive: Barry Gordon
Executive: Michael Radiloff
Executive Consultant: Barbara Javitz
Publicist: Katrina Wan

Twitter: @XLRatorMedia

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375 Greenwich Street, 3rd Floor, 
New York, NY 10013
(212) 941-3800
Fax: (212) 941-3949

Co-Chairman: Harvey Weinstein
Co-Chairman: Bob Weinstein
COO: David Glasser
President, Business & Legal Affairs: Phillip Muhl
President of Production: Dylan Sellers
President, Theatrical Distribution and Home Entertainment: Erik Lomis
President, Marketing: Stephen Bruno
President, Publicity: Dani Weinstein
President, International: Michael Rothstein
President, Television: Meryl Poster
President/MD Europe, Production, Acquisitions and TV: Robert Walak
Co- President, Radius-TWC: Jason Janego
Co- President, Radius-TWC: Tom Quinn
CFO: Andy Kim
EVP, Accounting & Financial Reporting: Irwin Reiter
EVP, Business Operations and Chief Technical Officer: Lew Rothman
EVP, Business/Legal Affairs & Acquisitions: Michal Steinberg
EVP, Business & Legal Affairs: Sarah Sobel
EVP, Theatrical Distribution: Laurent Ouaknine
EVP, International Sales & Distribution: Ennis Hensley
EVP, Physical Production: Tom Prince
EVP, Strategic Initiatives, Investment and Banking: David Hutkin
EVP, Acquisitions & Co-Productions: Negeen Yazdi
EVP, Promotions & Integrated Marketing: Lance Still
EVP, Marketing Operations and TV Sales: Francois Martin
EVP, Worldwide Delivery: Jodi Murphy
EVP, Creative Advertising: Jeff Elefterion
EVP, Publicity, Radius-TWC: Liza Burnett Fefferman
EVP, Acquisitions: Dan Guando
SVP, Accounting & Controller: Bob Peck
SVP, Production & Creative Affairs: Matt Signer
SVP, Post Production: Cory McCrum
SVP, International Services & Marketing: Paul Wilamoski
SVP, Dimension Publicity: Pantea Ghaderi
SVP, Theatrical Distribution: Jeff Greenspun
SVP, Publicity: Jennifer Stott
SVP, Finance: Jeffrey Goldberg
SVP, Theatrical Production & Corporate Affairs: Victoria Parker
SVP, Business and Legal Affairs: Adrian Lopez
SVP, Intl Business & Legal Affairs: Talia Houminer
SVP, Publicity and Corporate Communications: Nicole Quenqua
SVP, Marketing: Bladimiar Norman
SVP, International Publicity: Marguerite Mello
SVP, Television Production: Patrick Reardon
VP, Marketing and Distribution, Radius-TWC: Heath Shapiro
VP, Marketing: Ryan Brasno
VP, Eastern Division Manager: John Kelly
VP, Eastern District Manager Domestic Distribution: Jodi Gwydir
VP, Western Sales Division: Joe Garel
VP, Western Sales Division: Carla Ornelas
VP, Exhibitor Relations: Mark Mulcahy
VP, Strategic Initiatives, Investment and Banking: Vivian Tarn
VP, Publicity: Spencer Peeples
VP, Publicity: Anjulee Alvares-Cinque
VP, Finance/AP: Angel Nunez
VP, Television & Film Production & Development: Barbara Schneeweiss
VP, Post-Production: Stuart Burkin
VP, Post-Production: Melinda Garrett
VP, Theatrical Distribution: Debbie Lasater
VP, Production and Development: Collin Creighton
VP, Production and Development: Keith Levine
VP, Production & Business Development: Julie Rapaport
VP, Production and Acquisitions: Jennifer Malloy
VP, National Publicity: Emmy Chang
VP, Intl Delivery & Servicing: Tim Bellard
VP, Business and Legal Affairs: Steven DeLuca
VP, Accounting: Frances Erickson
VP, Participations: Kristen Esposito
VP, Participations: Helen Leu
VP, Distribution Radius-TWC: Elissa Federoff
VP, Physical Prod and Production Finance: Dave Malver
VP, Broadcast/Video Post Production: Issac Mizrahi
VP, Corporate Affairs & Events: Brad Thompson
VP, Sales, Southern Division: Belton Clark
VP, Sales, Southern Division: Troy Clark
Exhibitor Relations Coordinator: Jennifer Brown

Twitter: @WeinsteinFilms

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4000 Warner Boulevard, 
Burbank, CA 91522-1602
(818) 977-6278

President, International Distribution: Veronika Kwan Vandenberg
Executive VP, International Distribution: Nancy Carson
Executive VP, Europe and Latin America Distribution: Monique Esclavissat
Senior VP, Operations: David Brander
Senior VP, Finance: David Williamson
Senior VP, Asia and Latin America Operations: Jack Nguyen
Senior VP, International Distribution: Thomas Molter
Senior VP, International Distribution: Brenda Johns
Executive VP, Worldwide Marketing: Blair Rich
Executive VP, International Marketing: Lynne Frank
Executive VP, International Theatrical Publicity: Lance Volland
Senior VP, Worldwide Promotions: Gene Garlock
Executive VP, European Theatrical Marketing: Con Gornell
VP, Eastern European Sales: Jacques Dubois
VP, European Theatrical Distribution: Sarig Peker
General Manager, Czech Republic: Dana Janovska
Country Manager, France: Iris Knobloch
VP Theatrical Distribution, France: Olivier Snanoudj
Country Manager, Germany: Willi Geike
SVP & General Manager, Marketing & Distribution, Germany: Christoph Liedke
General Manager, Holland: Hajo Binsbergen
Country Manager, Italy: Barbra Salabe
Managing Director, Italy: Nicola Maccanico
Managing Director, Poland: Waldemar Saniewski
General Manager, Portugal: Joao Cameira
General Manager, Spain: Pablo Nogueroles
General Manager, Switzerland: Leo Baumgartner
Country Manager, UK & Spain: Josh Berger
Deputy Managing Director, UK: Neil Marshall
Managing Director Hong Kong/China & Senior VP Asia Distribution: Erlina Suharjono
Managing Director, India: Denzil Dias
President & Representative Director, Warner Entertainment Japan: Bill Ireton
General Manager, Korea: Hyo-Sung Park
General Manager, Philippines: Francis Soliven
General Manager, Singapore: Peng-Hui Ng
General Manager, Thailand: Henry Tran
General Manager, Taiwan: Eric Shih
General Manager, Turkey: Redo Farah
General Manager, Argentina: Griselda Fortunato
General Manager, Brazil: Patricia Kamitsuji
Deputy General Manager, Puerto Rico: Carmen Velez

Twitter: @WarnerBrosEnt

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4000 Warner Blvd., 
Burbank, CA 91522
(818) 954-6000
Fax: (818) 954-7305
States of Operation: 

President, Domestic Distribution: Daniel R. Fellman
President, Worldwide Marketing: Sue Kroll
President, International Distribution: Veronica Kwan-Vandenberg
Executive VP and General Sales Manager: Jeffrey Goldstein
Executive VP, Worldwide Marketing: Blair Rich
Senior VP, Assistant General Sales Manager: Scott Forman
Senior VP, Administration: Howard Welinsky
Senior VP & General Counsel: Connie Minnett
Senior VP, Exhibitor & Marketing Services: Kelly O’Connor
Senior VP, Systems & Sales Operations: Don Tannenbaum
Senior VP, Non-Theatrical Sales: Jeff Crawford
Senior VP, Distribution Services: Stella Burks
Senior VP, Financial Administration & Operations: Jennifer Amaya
VP, Systems & Sales Operations: Kevin Strick
VP, Sales and Marketing, Non-Theatrical Sales: Angelica McCoy
VP, Exhibitor Services: Melissa Aronson
Executive Director, Exhibitor Services: Melissa Elliott
Director, Exhibitor Services Administration: Michael Lynch
Manager, Exhibitor Services Midwest & South: Barbara Dretzke
Manager, Exhibitor Services West: Francis Orante
Manager, Exhibitor Services Assets: Tanya Girmay

Twitter: @WarnerBrosEnt

15821 Ventura Blvd., Suite 575 
Encino, CA 91436 
(818) 954-6000 

Senior VP, Southern & Mid-Western Division: Danny Chinich 
Senior VP, Western Division & Large Format: Michael Viane 
VP, Southern Division, Dallas/Oklahoma Branch: Ron MacPhee 
VP, Midwestern Division, Chicago/Milwaukee/Indianapolis Branch: Allison Fields 
Regional Manager, Los Angeles/Arizona: Gigi Lestak 
Director, Administration, Western/Midwestern Division: Kim DiMarco 
VP, Large Format & San Francisco: Cary Silvera 
Branch Manager, Minneapolis/Seattle: Ralph Albi 
Branch Manager, Atlanta/Kansas City/St. Louis: Darla Pierce 
Branch Manager, Classics/Denver/Salt Lake/Portland: Linda Evans-Smith 
Branch Manager, Los Angeles/Arizona: Bob Devries 
Branch Manager, Jacksonville/Des Moines/Omaha: David Ogden 
Branch Manager, Charlotte/Memphis/New Orleans: Joe Fasulo 

1325 Ave. of the Americas, 29th Floor
New York, NY 10019 
(212) 636-5100 
Fax: (212) 636-5237 

Senior VP, Eastern Division: Frank Carroll 
VP, Eastern Division, Albany/Buffalo/Washington: Theresa Craven 
Director, Administration & Exhibitor Services, Eastern Division: Loretta Grunwald 
Branch Manager, Philadelphia/Detroit: Bruce Blatt 
Branch Manager, New York: Roberta Peterson 
Branch Manager, Cincinnati/Cleveland/Pittsburgh: Andrew Silverman 
Branch Manager, Boston/New Haven: Andy Strulson 

5000 Yonge Street, Ste. 1503 
Toronto, Ontario 
M2N 6P1 Canada 
(416) 250-8384 
Fax: (416) 250-8930 

Senior VP, Canadian Division: Andy Faux 
VP, Canadian Division & Exhibitor Services: Susan Karam 
Branch Manager, Toronto: Margaret Ramsey 
Branch Manager, Montreal: Joffre Scullion 

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500 South Buena Vista Street, 
Burbank, CA 91521
Fax: 818-841-3225
States of Operation: 

Senior VP, Sales & Distribution: Jeffrey Forman
President, TWDC EMEA: Diego Lerner
EVP/Country Manager, Italy: Daniel Frigo
VP, Global Sales Planning and Analytics: Dominic Hougham
VP, Strategy & Communications: Mari Gastineau
SVP, Int’l Marketing: Ticole Richards
VP, European Publicity: Maggie Todd
VP of Sales & Marketing Asia/Pacific: David Kornblum
VP/Managing Director, Australia & New Zealand: John Cracknell
General Manager, Brazil: Sebastian Valenzuela
SVP, Worldwide Publicity: Michelle Sewell
General Manager, Finland: Jussi Makela
Senior VP/General Manager, France and Benelux: Jean-Francois Camilleri
VP/Managing Director, Germany, Austria and Switzerland: Thomas Menne
VP/General Manager, Indonesia, Singapore & Malaysia: Robert Crockett
VP/General Manager, Ireland: Trish Long
General Manager, Mexico: Philip Alexander
General Manager, Norway: Inger Warendolph
General Manager, Philippines: Victor Cabrera
Senior VP/General Manager, Spain & Portugal (Iberia): Simon Amselem
Senior VP/General Manager, Sweden & Pan-Scandinavia: Casper Bjorner
VP/General Manager, Switzerland: Roger Crotti
VP/General Manager, Taiwan: Laura Folta
Senior VP/Head of Studio Distribution, EMEA & UK: Tony Chambers
Operations Managing Director, Venezuela: Anibal Codebo

Twitter: @DisneyPictures